HLT in the Baltic countries — overview, policy, cooperation, opportunities:

  • HLT in the Baltic countries — overview, policy, opportunities
  • Research infrastructures for humanities
  • Cooperation in HLT in the Baltic Sea area and in the EU

Human language technologies and language resources

Original contributions dealing with both theory and applications of human language processing are invited. The wide range of topics to be addressed in the conference includes, but is not limited to:

  • Methods and tools for language processing
  • Machine translation and translation aids
  • Corpora and linguistic resources
  • Speech synthesis, processing and recognition
  • Speech corpora and their annotation
  • Information extraction and retrieval
  • Lexicons, terminology and ontologies
  • Standards and copyrights for written and spoken language resources
  • Discourse and dialogue
  • Language technology for education and learning
  • New applications of HLT